If you’re looking for an alternative to Shampoo, read on…

People are only now waking up to the fact that shampoo is the worst product you can use on your hair. The parabens and sulfates in shampoo over-cleans and strips away your body’s natural protective oil barrier; your body responds by over-producing oil. You slather on conditioner to replace some of the moisture that was stripped away, and before you know it you’re feeling greasy again because your scalp has been busy protecting itself as it attempts to replenish natural oils. It is a perfect, vicious cycle that is great for shampoo companies but horrible for your hair and scalp.

New Wash, a sulfate free shampoo alternative, cleans without detergent, and its natural ingredients never strips away your protective barrier. It only removes excess oil, dirt and styling products. It leaves what should stay and removes what needs to be washed away. When you switch to New Wash to cleanse your hair, you break the vicious cycle and your scalp calms down. Your hair is happier, healthier, and simply looks and feels much better! Say goodbye to frizzy hair, damaged hair, and locks that have lost their luster – say hello to New Wash.